"We are mutants"

Philip Starck


Can we do

During the fair, the stand is your workplace. The design possibilities are endless. How you choose to design your stand depends on the goals you have for the fair. Our job is to design the right fair stand for you according to your needs, construct it with the highest quality and help you  make more business. So that you can join more fairs and come back to us for fair stand services again…

We make fair stands mostly in Turkey, Europe, Russia Region, Middle East and Asia.

But we are capable of building fair booths all around the World. Depending on fair stand choices we can make more than 2000sqmt booths at the same time. Sometimes more…

But we usually don’t make more than ten stands at the same show because of keeping our quality as high as we can. Our design team is selected from most talented and imaginative specialists. They love their job therefore we are very accomplished about fair stand designs.

Our construction team knows what to do and pay detailed attention to your fair stand in shortest time. Because we know very well that the beauty of fair stand hides in small details.


Us and not them

We love our job more than everyone else. Because of this we are not after getting profit at first stage. We are after happy clients who will come back to us for years.

We are punctual in İstanbul traffic conditions! When we give a promise about your fair stand we do it whatever it takes and costs us.

We like to cope with impossible and stressfull jobs. If the job is easy for some other company, it is definetely a piece of cake for us.

We know very well that if we can make you happy at the end, you will make us happy for years.

To choose a fair stand construction company is a risky decision! Your reputation is in stand construction company’s hands. And we know that your reputation is ours, so

we try to give you trust and respect from beginning to the end.

There is nothing we can’t find and there is nothing we can’t do during the show.

Our name is “fair”, surname is “stand”!  And we live in Turkey...


We work

Our main zone is Turkey.

We are located in İstanbul and we have warehouses at Antalya, Gaziantep, Ankara and İzmir. So we can catch up anywhere in Turkey quickly and easily.

We have many experiences in Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, Nedherlands, Spain, France, Romania, all Balkans, Greece, Russia and Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai and Gulf Area Countries.

We use our country’s location advantages and try to go anywhere from Europe to Asia…

I have this mental sickness called creativity.

Philip Starck

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Client's Word

Clients first. Everytime.

  • 2008 yılından bu yana gerek ulusal gerekse uluslararası faaliyetlerde göstermiş olduğu özverili çalışmaları ile PARİS FUARCILIK talep ve isteklerimiz dışında yaratıcı fikirleri ve özenli uygulamaları ile şirketimizin değişmez çözüm ortaklarından olmuştur. Günümüze kadar gelen süreçte hiçbir zaman kuşku duymadan, endişe duymadan, gözümüz arkada kalmadan çalıştığımız PARİS FUAR çalışanlarına ve yöneticilerine ekibim adına teşekkür ederim. Başarılarınız her daim artsın.

    N. Tansel AKŞİT - Genel Müdür / Ulusoy Ultra Turizm & Travel Agency
  • For us It was a great pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for your professionality and support. We were very satisfied by our stand. The Snackex is not our last exhibition, so if we will need the stand in further cases I'll contact with you.

    Liliya Chebotarova - Export Specialist / POL-FOODS
  • Paris Fair stand company build wonderful stands for us ,no matter modular or custom.We have been cooperated for years and we know that they ll bring us more beatiful stands for lifelong.

    Diana Liu - Senior Project Manager / Hk Huizhan International Group and Strong Developer Trading